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About Engineering Product Supply

Engineering Product Supply (EPS) provides products and services for various industries.  We combine product development and engineering capabilities with competitive manufacturing and sourcing to help our customers expand product lines, reduce supply costs and increase profits.  Our customers are primarily distributors, OEMs, and businesses focused on product leadership in their industries.


EPS has also developed its own product and service lines to meet industry needs.  Examples are our firepit product line, injection mold tooling, plastic sanitary clamps, and rubber products.  We specialize in developing new products, supplying replacements for OEM parts, reducing overall supply costs and improving existing products where opportunities exist.


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    If your primary business is product sales and distribution, EPS can help you add new products or alternate sources to make the most of your existing distribution capabilities.  EPS can fill gaps or expand your lines using some combination of the following methods:


    Method 1:  Develop and produce new products based on your ideas.

    Method 2:  Improve existing products for competitive advantage.

    Method 3:  Identify and qualify third party products.

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    Do you need help turning a product idea or patented concept into reality?  EPS can help.


    Patent Concept through production:

    Concept review

    Project Valuation

    Full development

    3D models


    Detailed specifications

    Product supply

    Patent drawings

    Referrals to patent attorneys

    Transition to production


    All proprietary information kept  confidential.

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